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About Us

Our Story

GLOSS Rx is co-founded by Dr. Melinda Dunn and Stephanie Kamphoefner.

Our story started with our mutual friend, Jennifer, suggesting we'd be a great compliment to each other's skill sets. Knowing we both have a passion for the aesthetic industry, we set up a meeting right away.

From the first time we sat down for lunch, we've been in complete unison on what we wanted this concept to look like. Something a bit fashion forward, with a more boutique feel than a regular medical clinic. It was important for us to have an inviting environment and a more simple approach than most traditional medical spas. Thus, the concept of GLOSS Rx, A Micro-Aesthetic Bar, was born! We've carefully selected treatments for our micro menu of services. We have 4 core values we have built GLOSS Rx around.

Safety. This will always be our most important parameter. Medical treatments should always be administered by a proficiently trained provider. The treatment in and of itself needs to have a proven track record of safety with protocols in place.

Patient Comfort: Our treatment offerings don't require us to sacrifice patient comfort for results. Patient comfort is our top priority.

Results Oriented: We have selected treatments that are not 'results may vary' from patient to patient. You WILL see results with the services we offer.

Impeccable Experience: From the minute you arrive, we want you to have the best experience possible. We believe in honoring your time and your investment.

We find exponential joy in adding beauty to the lives of our clients. It is an honor that our clients choose us to refresh, cleanse, beautify and restore. We extend a sense of friendship and community when you are with us. Come vist...we promise you'll be glad you did!